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Title of thesis: Diabetes-atherosclerosis relationship: Cellular and molecular mechanisms involved in the culture of diabetic Psammomys obesus arterial myocyte.

Publicly supported on 07/11/2001 by Souhila AOUICHAT BOUGUERRA (Professor of Physiology / Option Nutrition and Metabolism Head of the team of Cellular and Molecular Physiopathology Member of the Laboratory of Physiology and Biology of Organisms at the Faculty of Biological Sciences of USTHB / Algiers) before the jury:

Mrs. F.HADJ BEKKOUCHE, Professor at USTHB, Algiers Mrs. Y.DAHMANI AIT AKLI, Professor at USTHB, Algiers Miss MC. BOURDILLON, Professor of Cardiology, Lyon Miss Z.AMIRAT, Professor at USTHB, Algiers Mr A.BOUDIBA, Professor of Medical Sciences, CHU / Mustapha Mr S.KHALFA, Professor of Medical Sciences, CHU / Ain Naadja Mr K.KHALFAT , Professor of Medical Sciences, CHU / Parnet President Thesis Director Examiner Examiner Examiner Examinator Examiner

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