Cultural and sporting activities

The Cultural, sports and science activities are organized into sections, clubs, associations or schools. They concern the different components of the university community. A Sub-Department is responsible for scientific, cultural and sports activities, it has for job:

  • To promote and to develop cultural activities within the university.
  • To implement and to develop the leisure.
  • To develop the university’s sports teams, and manage popular sport.
  • To organize and track sporting events within the university.

Cultural Activities

Nowadays, the Cultural activities implemented :

  • The Theatre,
  • The Music,
  • The Photography,
  • The design,
  • The Painting.

Students Sports activities

It has Four sports sections organized :

  • Section of team sports : Football , Volleyball , Basketball, Handball, Cycling.
  • Section of individual sports : Athletics, Table tennis, Chess, Bowls, Gymnastics, Cross country.
  • Section of martial arts : Judo, Karate, Vô-Vietnam, Yoseikenbudo, Aïkido.
  • Section of Sub-aquatic sports : Scuba diving, Swimming, Submarine - hunting.

Sports staff (teachers and A. T. S )

Inter -faculty Championship :

  • Football School,
  • Vô-Vietnam Section,
  • Karate School ,
  • Basketball Section,
  • Swimming.

Also, the children of staff benefit of sport practice in organized sections.