The Upgrade cell of the research was organized in the USTHB, in order to enhance the issues researches within the university. Several forms of upgrading are possible, in particular the sale of technology, the grant of license, the creation of societies, the financing of projects of development and\or technological improvements,… The objective of the upgrading of the university research is to exploit the result or to create s of the research within an existing company, by allowing to acquire a secure technology from the point of view of the intellectual property, favoring an effective exploitation towards potential competitors.

Planning of practice

The management of the upgrading includes many aspects:

  • To Participate in the detection of the results of research and the other valuable knowledge’s, as soon as possible, make sensitive and form the university researchers in the rights of the industrial property and, in particular in the notions of secret and confidentiality to be joined before any scientific publication, before the first contacts with a company or the other partner.
  • To help the researchers during the study of patentability (research for anteriority, identification of the main demands, the possibilities of extension of the demands.
  • The Identification of the possibilities of detecting the potential imitation,
  • To collaborate with the researchers and the patent attorney to protect the patentable results by the patent statement (in other circumstance the obtaining vegetable certificate).
  • Manage the patent portfolio of the Faculty.
  • Collaborate and focus on upgrading statement and in the techno-economic feasibility of the results operation.
  • To share actively in the technological changes towards existing companies in particular via the negotiation of agreement of the license.
  • To promote the creation of new companies in the changes of technology towards innovation from the university.
  • To share in the negotiation aiming at collaboration with the private sector.
  • Develop and negotiate several confidentiality of agreements for research collaboration, involving various aspects of project management research, the protection of pre-extent know-how, property of results, the confidentiality and the scientific publications, or subcontracting agreement.
  • To Participate in the negotiation and in the drafting agreement of technology sale or operating license according to diverse factors (maturity of the technology, the state of the intellectual property, the added value of the technology in a competitive market, an exclusive license or not, the costs of the research.


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