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To understand the LMD

Since 2004, the USTHB applies the LMD System:
Degree (Bac +3) Masters degree (Bac +5) Doctorate (Bac +8)


Course of study :

The LMD is divided into three cycles of education:

  • The first cycle with 6 semesters in course of study to get the Degree diploma.
  • The second cycle with 4 semesters in course of study to get the Master’s degree
  • The third cycle with three years in course of study to get the Doctorate degree.


LMD advantages:

  1. Step of education:
    • The courses are offered in the field of education and course of study.
    • The courses are regrouped into field of education..
    • One field is containing several sciences.
    • The course of study has made in semesters and units. Each unit has an importance in the proportional credits of study (courses, tutorials, and schooling education ...)

  3. Evaluate education:
    • The educational knowledge is based on the results of the annual credits.
    • The diploma is divided into semesters as well as having 30 units to conform the semester.
      - to get the Degree you have to join 180 credits ( 6 semesters).
      - to get the Masters Degree you have to join 120 credits ( 4 semesters).
    • The compensation is accepted: the student who does not the pass mark in the units, can conform the semester if he gets the pass mark in all joint units.

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