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The International colloquium Stochastic and statistical Modelling.
MSS ’ on 2014

The Department of Probability and Statistics of the Faculty of mathematics (USTHB) in association with the Mathematical Society of Algeria organizes the International Colloquium "Stochastic and statistical Modelling (MSS’2014)" (3rd edition), in November 23-25th, 2014, with the cooperation of the Laboratory of Mathematics and Applications, UMR 7348 CNRS, Futuroscope, Univ. of Poitiers, (France), the INSA of Rennes (France), the University of Toulouse (France), the Laboratory CREAM of the Institute of Applied mathematics of the university of Angers ( France) and the Faculty of Science and Engineering Laval university, (Canada).

Objectives of the Colloquium

The international colloquium Stochastic and statistical Modelling, in the third edition, is a high-level scientific meeting including university and expert researchers practitioners of the stochastic and statistical calculation and its applications in the socioeconomic, industrial and environmental domains. By the various tackled issues, this meeting will constitute an ideal frameto discuss recent developments. A workshop on the intensive stochastic numeral calculation and its applications will be led by specialists on the subject. On the other hand, this meeting will offer an opportunity of merger between academicians and professionals regarding exchange of ideas and experiences in the field of the use of the stochastic and statistical tool in analysis, modelling, simulation and prospecting for the assistant to the decision-making.

Themes of the scientific program

  1. Random process (PA)
  2. Econometric models, Financial and actuarial Applications (MEAFA)
  3. Computational statistics, Simulation (SCS)
  4. Intensive Stochastic numeral calculation and Optimization, (CNSIO)
  5. Data analysis, Applications (ADA).

Invited speakers

  • Prof. Jean-François DUPUY, INSA of RENNES (France): An inverse probability weighted stratified logrank test
  • Prof. Mohamed HANAFI , ONIRIS, Nantes (France): algebra for data and models multiblock
  • Prof. Fabrice GAMBOA , University of Toulouse (France): the method "Pick Freeze" of Sobol in the sauce Costa Brava
  • Prof. François COQUET, University of Rennes (France): informative Selection of a sample: asymptotic properties

Important dates

In January 20th, 2014 : 1st appeal to communications
in May 10th, 2014 : deadline of pre-inscription and sending of a summary of 04 pages
June 20th, 2014 : notification of the acceptances
20 seven. 2014 : deadline of the confirmation of participation and the sending of the complete text of the communication(12 pages maximum)
23-25 Nov. 2014 : progress of the Conference.

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