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Inscription in Master

Deposits of candidates’ file of the students except USTHB, and the Recourse of the students of the USTHB are made on the faculties concerned.

The limiting date of deposit is fixed for the 09-23-2010

The admission with the master is done by study of file and according to the number of teaching places available and specific conditions’ of access for each speciality.
The deposit of the candidatures is made with the service schooling of faculty concerned (see list of Master available).

Candidates’ file

  • Ask mentioning the choice of Master
  • Two photos
  • Certified copies of the statements of notes of S1 to S6
  • Legalized copy of diploma
  • Legalized copy of Baccalaureat
  • Classification of the student
  • Detailed Program
  • Stamped envelope (with the candidate’s address)

Criteria of access to the master

  • According to the Law 08-06 of February 2008, the access to the second cycle (master) is open to the titular candidates of the diploma of licence or diploma recognized equivalent within the limit of the teaching places available(article 12)

  • At the USTHB, each faculty has a commission of study of the candidatures for the access to the masters. These commissions will give the priority :
    • Students who obtained their licenses without delay,
    • Students who obtained their license with one year of delay ,
    • For students who obtained their license with a more delay, the commission will consider on a case by case basis depending on the educational curriculum and the number of places available..
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