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Inscription of new baccalaureat holders

You are a new Bachelor, and you want to receive training in the domain of Sciences and Technology, the USTHB proposes several offers in the 05 following fields:

  • Mathematics and Computer Science (MI) *
  • Sciences of matter (SM) *
  • Sciences and Technology (ST)
  • Sciences of Nature and Life (SNV)
  • Sciences of the Earth and the Universe (STU)

* The domains MI and SM are with national recruitment.

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The USTHB adopts the LMD (Licence Master Doctorate) as a system of training ... More information


 Inscription procedures 

The procedures of administrative and pedagogical inscription of new bachelors are subjected to criteria establish by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and are the subject of a circular. A prospectus will be given to you with your Statement of Notes of the
Baccalaureat in order to facilitate your orientation towards the dies
to which you have the right to register.



Pre-inscription are made exclusively on line.
The candidate can perform the pre-inscription formalities at the USTHB or at one of the Centers of Inscription near his home and indicated in the Prospectus which will be given to him.

The operation of pre-inscription consists in filling on line a form
offering ten options (choice). This form must be completed according to the choices listed in the card
of possibilities of the candidate.

The Bachelors will find at the USTHB a service of information and
orientation .



The new Bachelors not satisfied with their assignment, can introduce a recourse exclusively on line, only in the case of an assignment does not meet any of the ten choices expressed in the greeting card.

In the event that the bachelor,directed towards a die subordinate to the success
with a contest, an aptitude test or a discussion with a jury, is
declared nonallowed with the tests envisaged for this purpose, he is
reorientated towards one of his other choices mentioned on the card of
wishes in the respect of the necessary teaching conditions. In this case, the host establishment, in the first assignment, is required to conduct the whole process of this reorientation, in the context of regional conferences.

To allow the reorientation of bachelors not admitted to the tests of access to sectors subject to competition, test or interview with a jury, the establishments concerned must transmit to the bachelors
the result of the various tests at the latest 72 hours before the close of final inscriptions .


 The orientation 

The orientation of the candidate is done on the basis of :

  • The option of the Baccalaureat;
  • The general average obtained in Baccalaureat, and, for certain dies, the average between this general average and Notes obtained with the principal matters;
  • The location of obtaining the Diploma of Baccalaureat.


 Final inscriptions 

Final inscriptions:

The candidate must deposit the complete file comprising :

  • The original Baccalaureate Diploma;
  • Assignment sheet transmitted by the E.S.I;
  • An extract of Birth Certificate;
  • Two Stamped Envelopes carrying the address of the Candidate;
  • 03 Photos of the Candidate;
  • 01 receipt of payment of registration fees (payment is made in offices open to the USTHB) ;
  • A Card of Renseignements (given on site)..

*It is recommended to establish copies (certified) before giving the
original of the diploma of the baccalaureat.
Extracts of the ministerial circular relating to the pre-inscription
and the orientation of the holders of the baccalaureat to the title of
the academic year 2011-2012.

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