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The Research at the USTHB

The organization of research

The existence of a magistral profession confers on theUSTHB an important role, in the disciplines which it opens in the formation of researchers and teachers for Algerian universities.
It is useful to remember the importance and the necessity of the scientific research for the development of a country.
The USTHB always considered this parameter as an important datum in its existence.
Since its foundation, theUSTHB knew always how to develop an important university research.



At present, theUSTHB consists of 51 research laboratories which have been defined in the decree 99-244 of October 31st, 1999, fixing the rules of creation, organization and functioning of a research laboratory. The Research laboratories are so endowed with a financial autonomy and with a management (the manager of the laboratory is the main regulator of his operating budget assigned by the FNR). Each laboratory consists at least four teams of research, which gives a potential of 20 to 50 researchers. The research topics meet the requirements of the progress of science and technology and strive to support applications in the short or medium term, the country’s development. These requests are for Algerian universities and research centers, as well as questions from industry, agriculture and various services.

Problem and objectives

The university research laboratory is a fundamental constituent of the University and the research - development and the research - formation. In consideration of the needs of the general functioning in human potential (teachers, researchers, engineers and technologies), and in potential of research (development, studies, expertise’s and basic research and applied) The Research Laboratory of the University must have the tools and human, material and organizational enabling it to face major challenges. As a result, the following steps should be considered.

  • Contribution to elaborate the guidelines for the research policy in the USTHB.
  • The Research for a better efficiency for more rational and coherent mobilization of means : Human and material.
  • Identification of the federative poles in which the USTHB would distinguish itself.
  • Availability to the decision-makers and to the branch of industry of a good legibility for the orientation and the objectives of the research at the USTHB. Promotion of the synergy between the research at the USTHB and the industrial field.

Research – Formation

The organization of post graduate studies completes the different formation which graduated and governs with cycles. The importance of post graduation and research in the healing process of the university is major, so thus, the development of post graduate, the development of research exceeds the dimension of a simple problem and establishes in fact the real issues. Any positive structure formation must be linked to increase the multifaceted performance and effectiveness of research within university laboratories because the post graduation is interrelated to university research, they are made of one part, each of them is the condition and the consequence of the other. The post graduation is the cornerstone of development and the influence of university research centers and the researchers for the industrial and socioeconomic sector. Nowadays, in accordance with international standards. It is necessary to develop, the university education access and the reinforcement of management to achieve an accounting ratio to those of developed countries and those related to the aspirations of society. Naturally, the realization of these objectives cannot be effective without the development of the human resources intended for the pedagogy and for the research without an authentic formation strategy of trainers. THE USTHB always joined this optic.

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