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  •  09 To 19 November 2014
    The Faculty of FSTGAT and the Laboratory Metalloginie and magmatism of Algeria (LMMA) organize a national conference on GEOLOGY and MINERAL RESOURCES of the Hoggar  More
  •  17 To 18 November 2014
    The laboratory of Environment, Water, Geomechanics and structure, in collaboration with the Geomaterials laboratory and the Civil engineering of DUSDB and DGRSDT organize INVACO'2014  More
  •  23 To 25 November 2014
    The Department of Probability and Statistics of the Faculty of mathematics(Algeria) organizes the International Colloquium MSS'2014 (3rd edition)  More


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The 3rd international symposium of Theorical chemistry (ISTC 2012)
From 14 To 17 October 2012
The International Colloquium of Algebra and theory of number (ICANT12)
From 28 To 31 October 2012

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