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Sixth Colloquium on

“Trends in the Applications of Mathematics in Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco”

Algiers April 27th, 28th, 29th, 30th 2013

The Colloquium TAMTAM "Trends in the Applications of Mathematics in Tunisia, Algeria, Morroco" is organized every two years, in either, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco. It is the result of a long collaboration between the Tunis school of engineers (ENIT), the Mohammedia school of engineers (EMI in Rabat) and the Mathematics faculty of USTHB.

The sixth edition of TAMTAM will take place in Algiers from April 27th to 30th, 2013. It is organized by the Laboratory Partial Differential Equations Mathematical and Numerical Analysis (AMNEDP) of the USTHB Mathematics faculty, in collaboration with the Laboratory of Non linear Partial Differential Equations and Mathematics History (EDP NLHM) of the Ecole Normale Supérieure, Kouba, Algiers.

The previous editions of TAMTAM took place in Rabat-Morocco (2003), Tunis-Tunisia (2005), Algiers-Algeria (2007), Kenitra-Morocco (2009) and Sousse-Tunisia (2011).

The colloquium is targeting young researchers by offering them an opportunity to present their first work. Combining a rigorous communication selection to a prior preoccupation with training, TAMTAM intends to help with the insertion of young researchers from the Maghreb at the highest level of the international scientific community.

TAMTAM wishes to bring closer the researchers from the Maghreb all over the world, develop a scientific cooperation platform for the area, as well as to be a window on the world. In addition to young researchers’ communications, each edition proposes several planetary talks dealing with state of the art research.

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