Call of papers


After the success of the first edition of SEHA, hold during the 5th May 2013, the team of Pharmaceutical Engineering from the Transfer Phenomena Laboratory part of the Faculty of Mechanical and Process engineering, USTHB, organize an international seminar on pharmaceutical technology on 1st October 2017.

the dried forms concerns almost 90% of the pharmaceutical national production. In this context, to create a space for exchange and debate, that the team of Pharmaceutical Engineering initiated this event "SEHA 2017". This year the seminar will focus on "Pharmaceutical Powder Technology".

understanding and controlling powder behaviour can help to formulate clinically effective products, design efficient processes, and ultimately manufacture a high quality product ; this is particularly important in the pharmaceutical industry where the majority of active pharmaceutical ingredients are delivered as powders for inhalation, dissolution for intravenous use, or for ingestion as tablets and capsules. Effective powder characterization has been for long recognised by the pharmaceutical industry as providing core knowledge that informs powder understanding and control.