Algerian Conference on Research and Development in Renewable Energies




26- 27 April 2017




The objective of the National Conference on Research and Applications of Renewable Energies ACRDRE’17 is to bring together Algerian researchers, engineers, manufacturers and practitioners, to share and discuss progress and developments in research and applications of renewable energy.

The ACRDRE’17 aims to present important results to the national community of the fields of renewable energies and help researchers, scientists, manufacturers, companies, communities, agencies, associations and societies, to keep abreast of new developments in their specialized field and to unite to find alternative energy solutions to current problems such as the greenhouse effect, clean energy.

Another objective is to promote research in the field of environmental sciences and the development of renewable energies and to facilitate the exchange of new ideas in these fields and to create a dialogue between scientists and practitioners.




The ACRDRE’17 covers a wide range of current topics such as renewable energy technologies, energy efficiency, green energy, climate change and sustainable energy systems.

ACRDRE’17 topics address the following issues of grid and related resources but not restricted to:


  •              Renewable energies and energy sources such as wind, hydro, solar, biomass,biofuels, geothermal, wave energy, hydrogen and fuel cells.
  •             Physics of materials
  •             Research and applications on renewable energy for industry.
  •             Integration of renewable energies into the Network
  •             Control and control of renewable energies
  •            Optimizing the performance of renewable energies
  •             Batteries and energy storage
  •             Hydrogen energy storage
  •            Energy Recovery