1st Algerian Multi-Conference on Computer, Electrical and Electronic

 Engineering 2017 AMCEEE'17


24 - 27 April 2017


     The Electrical and Industrial Engineering Laboratory (LSEI) and the Faculty of Electronics and Informatics (FEI) are pleased to invite you to participate in its Multi-Conference which will take place at the University of Science and Technology Houari Boumediene (USTHB), from 24 to 27 April 2017

     The 1st Algerian Multi-Conference on Computer, Electrical and Electronic Engineering 2017 (AMCEEE 2017) will include four international conferences organized by the Laboratory of Electrical &Industrial Systems (LSEI).     


     The AMCEEE'17 Conferences :

  •  Algerian Conference on Electrical Machines and Drives 2017, ACEMD’17.
  •  Algerian Conference on Intelligent City and Smart Grid Technologies, ACICSGT’17.
  •  Algerian Conference on Electronics, Instrumentation Systems and Applications ACEISA’17.
  •  Algerian High Voltage Conference, AHVC’17.
  •  Algerian Conference on Research and Development in Renewable Energies,ACRDRE’17.

          See the:  Plenary Program


The AMCEEE'17 is a unique event bringing together specialists in the fields of electrical engineering, electronics, automation and computer engineering in Algeria. It is also a privileged channel for exchanging researchers and young researchers from universities, academic centers, research centers and doctoral schools to present their latest work and share their experiences.


I.   Algerian Conference on Electrical Machines and Drives 2017, ACEMD’17


Ø  Special Machines and Drives.

Ø  design and optimization of electrical machines.

Ø  Operation analysis and applications of electric drive systems.

Ø  Modelling, simulation and control of power converters

Ø  Control Systems, Power Electronics and embedded applications.

Ø  Modern converter topologies and control systems.

Ø  Resonant and Multi-level converters

Ø  Active Filtering and Power Factor Correction

Ø  Condition Monitoring by signal processing.

Ø  Predictive Maintenance of electrical systems.

Ø  Failure detection and diagnosis in electrical machines.

Ø  Fault management and reliability of power converters

Ø  Sensors, Measurement, and observers for electrical drives


II.  Algerian Conference on Intelligent City and Smart Grid Technologies, ACICSGT’17


Ø  Smart grid system architecture.

Ø  Smart grid electricity markets.

Ø  Electric vehicle systems for smart grid.

Ø  Microgrid and islanding application and operation.

Ø  Robust control for recovery of smart grid.

Ø  Distributed control for smart grid.

Ø  Optimization method for smart grid.

Ø  Modelling and simulation of smart grid.

Ø  Communication techniques for smart cities.


III.  Algerian Conference on Electronics, instrumentation systems and applications ACEISA’17


Ø  Circuits and Electronics

Ø  Electronic Medical Devices.

Ø  FPGA and Reconfigurable Architecture based System.

Ø  Bioinstrumentation: Sensors, Micro, Nano and Wearable Technologies.

Ø  Biomedical Signal Processing.

Ø  Healthcare Information Systems, Telemedicine.

Ø  Modeling, Simulation, Systems and Control.

Ø  Signal processing applications for electronic systems.

Ø  DSP and rapid prototyping


IV.   Algerian High Voltage Conference, AHVC’17


Ø  Insulation Coordination

Ø  Diagnosis, Measurements of HV equipments,

Ø  Electromagnetic field and its applications,

Ø  Electric discharge,

Ø  Intelligent methods in High voltage engineering,

Ø  High voltage materials.


V.   Algerian Conference on Research and Development in Renewable Energies,ACRDRE’17


Ø  Renewable energies and energy sources such as wind, hydro, solar, biomass, biofuels, geothermal, wave energy, hydrogen and fuel cells.

Ø  Physics of materials

Ø  Research and applications on renewable energy for industry.

Ø  Integration of renewable energies into the Network

Ø  Control and control of renewable energies

Ø  Optimizing the performance of renewable energies

Ø  Batteries and energy storage

Ø  Hydrogen energy storage

Ø  Energy Recovery


Acknowledgment:  The LSEI laboratory thanks the National Organization of Algerian Students (O.N.E.A) for its great contribution to this first multi-conference.
 All selected pepers will be published in an 'E-Format' proceedings and will be published free of charge in the following journal