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Algiers, capital of Algeria, called El Bahdja, is the largest city in the country and is located along the Mediterranean Sea. Founded in the fourth century BC, it was a Phoenician trading in Berber country, under the name of Ikosim. It will be occupied by the Romans, Vandals, Byzantines and Arabs and in the early Middle Ages by the Berber tribe of Beni-Mezghana.


The Berber sovereign of the dynasty Zirid Buluggin ibn Ziri, in the middle of the tenth century will base current Algiers, under his name El-Djazair. It became the capital of Algeria in 1515, statute confirmed by France which set a General governor of Algeria. After the country’s independence in 1962, it became the capital of the Algerian state, and holds an economic leading role.


A la mémoire du professeur : Mohamed BENDAOUD


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