Special Sessions

Special Session Proposals:

Please submit proposals (approximately 2 pages) in pdf format by email to the scientific committee chairs. Proposal should include the following information:

  1. Title and abstract: Propose a title and a brief abstract of no more than approximately 100 words that will allow conference attendees to understand the topic and the focus of the special session.
  2. Rationale: Please explain why the topic of the special session is novel and timely, why it is relevant to the CISTEM community and how it possibly fits within the innovation themes listed above.
  3. Proposed speakers: Provide a list of all talks, speakers, and co-authors (in each associated paper). Technical sessions are normally expected to have 5 papers. In exceptional cases (like industrial talks, or contribution by particularly renowned speakers) it may be possible to have sessions of two talks without an associate paper or a talk which will have a double-time slot for the presentation.
  4. Biographies: Provide a short bio-sketch of the session proposers.


Special Sessions:

1- Application of superconductors in electrical engineering, proposed by: Bruno DOUINE (Professor, GREEN, University of Lorraine, France), Elhadj AILAM (Professor, LESI, Khemis Miliana University, Algeria) and Kevin BERGER (Associate Professor, GREEN, University of Lorraine , France).   Special Session Proposals supra.pdf    ipdf.jpg

2- Permanent Magnet Machines, Y. Amara (University of  Havre, France) and R. Ibtiouen (ENP).  Special Session PM machines_RI_YA.pdf   ipdf.jpg

3- Diagnosis of High Voltage Equipment, A. Boubakeur (ENP), H. Moulai (USTHB).  CISTEM-2018 Session Speciale Coordination de l'isolement VFx.pdf   ipdf.jpg

4- Reliability Assessment of Electrical Power Systems, M. Boudour (USTHB), R. Benabid (Nuclear Research Center CRNB).  SS_CISTEM_18_proposal_V1.pdf      ipdf.jpg


Deadline Special Sessions:    10 june,2018

    Final paper submission:   30 july,2018



Special Issue on: "Application of Optimisation Algorithms in Electric Power Systems"